Why aren’t our cities smarter yet? Different stages of smart city evolution in Europe & Japan

Bosco Verticale, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Technology-based infrastructure & mobility that offers optimal connectedness, including monitoring of traffic flow through IoT
  • Environmental initiatives, including carbon neutrality and working towards the UN sustainable development goals
  • Effective and highly functional public transportation, e.g. self-driving vehicles
  • Security, especially cyber-security of all digitally managed processes of smart cities
  • Quality of Life; Citizens being able to easily commute between life and work in the city, and utilizing all its resources
Spain’s first autonomous self-driving bus
This city in Northern Spain is one of the lighthouse cities that will lead Europe’s carbon neutrality. Source: Euronews
The RainBrain IoT device makes green roofs smart
An artist rendering of Toyota’s smart city near Mt. Fuji. Source: Toyota



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